The Nicolette Collection

Growing up in the breathtaking Grand Teton valley, in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, gave me the opportunity at a young age to appreciate the beauty and lessons found in nature. Like the freedom I found hiking through the crisp air of my surroundings, I felt similar feelings of liberation whenever I painted. Not only has the grace of nature balanced my perspective towards life and shed awareness on the value of respect, but it was the creative energy so abundant in nature that sparked the initial courage to create my own artwork. It continues to inspire the content and designs of my paintings today.

My pursuit of painting in accord to my respect of what inspires me the most has allowed me to unite different passions together. I sought to create artwork with utilitarian value in a way that would respect our environment and shift attitudes from wasteful consumerism to spending sustainably. My solution has been to rescue and restore discarded leather handbags with custom artwork and ultimately turn trash into treasure.  

First and foremost, each handbag is professionally cleaned and conditioned. I then personalize each piece by applying ultra-thin coats of specialized leather paint and stain. The specialty paint maintains the integrity of the leather by preserving its flexible and supple nature. To ensure the permanence of the design I apply a top-coat sealant that protects the artwork from stains, sun and water damage. Each leather creation is revived and transformed into a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork